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Best Ways to Make Coffee

There are more ways to skin a cat than there are ways to brew coffee, but that is always up for debate. These days, home brewing is wildly popular and is beginning to see rapid developments in new coffee brewing methods. These aren’t your typical Tic-Tok viral video challenges, but typically include the best ways to brew coffee.


What is the best way to brew coffee?

Coffee brewing Machine

Among the most popular methods that are being used in every home are almost exclusively hands-on. Aside from the drip coffee machine, it gives coffee makers the ability to make coffee and still feel they’ve done something. The only reason that capsule coffee is not on this list is that there is no interaction involved and isn’t making such great coffee compared to hands-on methods.


Drip Coffee

These are the most common coffee machines that use a simple method where you put coffee grounds into the filter bucket. It then goes into the machine and you start the brewing process. It’s exactly as you can figure it will turn out, except you have the option to add fresh coffee grounds to improve the flavor better than pre-ground coffee. Believe it or not, freshly brewed coffee from a drip machine can produce great coffee!


It’s next-level lazy, to be honest, yet- when it comes to a nice enjoyable cup of morning coffee, you can’t beat the genuine approach to simplicity.


Pour Over

This method was first introduced in coffee shops back in the good old days and somehow migrated into home kitchens in the mid-2010s. Pour-over coffee is something that you do need to have the patience to master but doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to understand. Instead of an automatic drip machine doing the pouring for you, this is all done by having a steady hand.


These vessels are typically a combination of carafe and filter chamber and all come in different sizes depending on how much coffee you like to make. Chemex is typically the best brand name to use for making Pour Over coffee.


Coffee Dripper

A coffee dripper is a bit different than Pour Over coffee, so the biggest design change is significant. The upper filter vessel is placed on top of a separate carafe or coffee cup. The process is still basically the same. You have to be patient and pour the hot water the same as you would for pour-over recipes. There are little differences in how you pour which determine the kind of grind you use down to steeping times.


Perhaps the hardest is saturating the grounds to get a good bloom so you aren’t burning your brew coffee. After this, you simply need to have water that isn’t too hot or too cold.


French Press

It would be all too simple to put the Moka Pot on this list but the sheer pleasure you get from making a pot of French Press is just too much fun instead. The real charm is finding the right kind of French Press vessel that appeal to you. One brand that always works great is a glass carafe with a filter system is the Bodum Charford or the Double-wall Frieling French Press models.


The coffee grounds are added to the vessel and then water is added after that. This is allowed to steep for a few minutes before the large plunger filter pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom. It makes a bold and hearty cup of coffee if done correctly.



This is a coffee maker that makes a single cup of brew coffee at a time. It uses pressure inside a syringe-like vessel and makes coffee take on the right kind of flavor that tastes similar to espresso but is still technically a coffee. This was invented by the same guy who invented the Aerobie Frisbee and now has reached cult-like status for his World AeroPress Championships.


Each year there are hundreds of Gen Z coffee makers emerging all over the world to compete for the championship title! Luckily, this gives everyone the chance to explore their newest methods how to make their idea of AeroPress coffee.

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